Reasons Why Biking and Gardening Are Similar


An eco-friendly garden has a lot in common with biking because both can reduce carbon footprint and promote healthy living.

Here are the other reasons why gardening and cycling are similar:

Low-Impact exercise

gardeningBoth activities are low-impact exercises which make them perfect for people of all ages. Gardening involves a lot of moving around, twisting, lifting, pulling (of weeds), bending, and stretching. These tasks make the muscles and bones healthier and more flexible.

Likewise, riding a bike can also be considered a low-impact exercise because it causes fewer injuries and strain to the physical body compared to other types of workout. It can also be a moderate exercise if the training becomes more intense.

Beneficial to the heart

Gardening-lady-shovel-workingBiking and gardening are also good for the heart. According to a Stockholm study, people (aged 60 years old and older) who garden regularly have up to 30 percent less chance of having a stroke or heart attack. This is because gardening can fight a sedentary lifestyle.

The same goes for biking. A recent study which focused on the activity of 1,500 individuals found out that those who ride their bikes every single day have 31 percent less chance of developing high blood pressure. So, if you want to have a happy and healthy heart, you better start gardening and cycling as soon as you can!

Combats stress


Finally, biking has also been proven to decrease levels of anxiety and stress. It can even fight depression because it makes the mind active. Through biking, one can also be in unity with nature, which is excellent therapy.

Gardening for at least half an hour a day can also relieve you of stress. It can improve your mood better than reading, according to a Dutch study. In the said study, gardeners had lower levels of stress hormone compared to readers. So, if you’re stressed, just grab your gardening tools and start tending to your plants.