8 of the Best Running Apps for Runners


Charity Miles
Available on: Android, iOS
Let every mile you run be for a good cause. This app keep tracks of every mile you run and donates specific amounts to one of the participating charities that you choose.

Couch to 5K®
Available on: Android, iOS
This is a great app for non-runners or beginners who want to ease their way into running.

Available on:
Love running solo or at night? This safety-focused is designed to alert the emergency contact you provide when you fail to check in online within a certain period of time

Available on: Android, iOS
This app allows you to keep track of your daily calorie intake, nutrition, and exercise. It provides you with an idea of how many calories you have to consume to maintain or lose weight.

Available on: Android, iOS
Find the best running routes anywhere

Available on: Android, iOS
Find training plans from experts and coaches or share your running-related activities to your social network

Runner’s World Go
Available on: iOS
Access a wide range of information and tips from experts

Available on: Android, iOS
This not only serves as GPS tracker. It also allows you to see and compare data and performance measures of friends